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Winner of the Kate O’ Brien Award 2017


When Black Dogs Sing

Tanya Farrelly’s debut short fiction collection, When Black Dogs Sing,
introduces us to an intriguing range of twenty-first century Irish
characters. A young woman rents a room, to her boyfriend’s horror, in the
home of an eccentric, bi-curious photographer; a poet attends a party at
his girlfriend’s family home to discover that the invite was made with
nefarious intention; a husband is outraged to discover that his wife is
posing at a life drawing class; two girls break into the flat of an internet
date and stumble on a dangerous secret; a stakeout ends in dire
consequence when a friendship comes undone; a woman leaves home on
a freezing night in the hope of gaining her partner’s attention; and in the
title story a mother is haunted by her son’s disappearance.

Cover Art by David Sweet:


The Girl Behind the Lens

A dark psychological thriller about the secrets that destroy us, perfect for fans of THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

Photography student Joanna Lacey has always been close to her mother. But when Rachel Arnold turns up on their doorstep telling them that a man’s body has been found in the canal, Joanna’s world falls apart. The father she never knew was a married man – and now he’s dead.

At the funeral, Joanna meets Oliver Molloy, the man who found the body. She’s convinced her mother is still keeping things from her and turns to him for help. Never one to say no to a pretty face, Oliver is happy to oblige.

But Oliver is concealing a dark secret of his own, and Joanna soon starts to suspect that something isn’t right. Can she uncover the truth before the past destroys them both?


TGBTL cover

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